Auditing update:

Dear Parks for Life Challenge Teams,

We would like to share a thought with you all: During the past week, several of you have written us to share your concerns regarding the way some teams have been participating in the Parks for Life Challenge, and have called on us to investigate the actions of these teams.

We would like to make it perfectly clear that you are being heard, taken seriously, and we are investigating the concerns brought to our attention. We expect all teams to participate fairly, ethically, and with good sportsmanship. There is a fine line between strategizing to gain the most points for you efforts, and “gaming” or seeking out loopholes in the rules to gain extra points that would not be admissible otherwise.

Not only does “gaming” not coincide with the mission of the Parks for Life Challenge, but it also serves as a major disservice to the teams who earned every point by playing fairly, ethically, logically, and with good sportsmanship.

On that note, we will be shutting down our rules page while we carefully comb our rules for loopholes, edit existing rules, and add necessary rules. Rule 15 states, “Parks for Life Challenge reserves the right to update the rules of “the game” at any time…” These changes will be made to ensure that the rules are serving the mission of The Parks for Life Challenge.

We recognize that the potential to win prizes and win 1st place serves as an incentive to participate in The Parks for Life Challenge, but the mission of The PFLC is to participate in fun and healthy activities with loved ones and friends in Santa Clara County Parks. When teams lose sight of the mission, we notice.

Please feel welcome to email us with concerns; we will read them. However, be advised that in conjunction with rule 35, Game Coordinators will not be responding to teams after The Game has ended until the winners are announced. Winners will be announced by September 4th.

One last note: We have been listening to your requests for an end-of-game get together! We plan to announce a date for a Potluck when we announce the winners.

Thank you so much for participating in the Parks for Life Challenge. We had just as much fun watching you complete the adventures as you did completing them =) #parks4life17