And the Winners Are…..

Hello Teams!

We are officially done with our Final Audits! Before we announce the top 25 winners we want to thank everyone who participated this year. We know it takes a lot of dedication and work to get all these challenges done everyday. We know the work does not stop once you leave the park but follows you home to submit each adventure. Thank you all for dedicating your summer to this game and making it an awesome season. We hope you all have enjoyed the Parks For Life Challenge and will continue to visit our County Parks.

Here are the Summer 2018 Parks For Life Challenge top 25 winners!

1. Blazing Bunnies
2. Tor-El
3. Flaming Ferrets
4. AR Foodies
5. Mangy Marmots
6. Trail Dawgs
7. Blind Chameleons
8. Red Kitty Cats
9. Crazy Wolves
10. East Side Hikers
11. The Donut Duo
12. Dexter the Hiking Pup
13. Buddy and The Booj
14. Beach Bums
15. Team Minecart 3D
16. KrackensOnTheGo
17. Park Penguins
18. Wild Ones
19. Donuts and Milk
20. WhatEv
21. Chaotic Camping Cats
22. trailhunters
23. Hiking Hares
24. SteppingOut_is_SteppingIn
25. LadyButterflyManateeCats