Parks4Life Challenge Winners!

Santa Clara County Parks is pleased to announce the final results for the Summer 2016 Parks for Life Challenge! The overall winner with audited proof points of 3,770 is Team MT Space, which is 420 more points than last games winner! The second-place team, Team Roo, was close behind with 3,735 points, followed by Team California Kids with 3,710 points. Team MT Space did an amazing job staying among the top teams for most of the challenge while many teams scrambled and shifted throughout the top during this competition, as it wasn’t until the end that the top three teams pulled away! And with a late push MT Space was able to cement their top finish!

Prizes can be picked up at the Administration office at Vasona County Park beginning the week of September 6th.

Here are the final standings:

  1. MT Space
  2. Team ROO
  3. California Kids
  4. Team Mojo
  5. Forever Royal
  6. Kiddos on the Move
  7. I Think I Can
  8. DeDe
  9. Zee Cabbages
  10. Team Gem
  11. Team Somnambulists
  12. Cinya
  13. Park Sharks
  14. Team R&B
  15. Happily Hunt
  16. Running Centaurs
  17. Obie’s Bees
  18. Feet Movers
  19. My Minions
  20. Crazy Pine Trees
  21. Happy Hiking Women in Nature (HH WINners)
  22. Lady ButterflyManateeCats
  23. The Crystal Gems
  24. Literate Beavers
  25. Wild Ones

Congratulations and thank you to all 362 adventurers who participated! You played with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship! #parks4life