Last Week!

Hello Teams! We are now in the midst of our last week, and we wanted to express how fun it has been to watch you guys complete so many adventures! As we start to wind this challenge down we would like to remind you wonderful teams to head over to our rules page one last time at, This is to insure that you have your submissions in, and any mistakes corrected before 11:59PM on August, 15th.

In accordance with rule 35, “we will not communicate with or respond to queries from team captains and/or team members after August 15, 2017. During this time, the judges are reviewing results and determining winners. All team captains and members are advised to ask questions prior to August 15, 2017.” Please pay special attention to Step 4, as well as the entire rules section. Hope you have a great last week, now go get those last points! ‪#‎parks4life